Yoga Resources in the USA

The world wide web provides an abundance of information to those seeking to be better informed about yoga. Wikipedia provides instant access to definitions about yoga and Sanskit terms like asana, prana, and chakra, and includes bibliographies of references and general reading material. Popular medical sites extol the virtues of yoga and its health benefits, and may offer advice on how to incorporate yoga into one’s daily affairs. Some yoga sites include imagery and instruction depicting how to perform specific yoga postures (asanas). Others sell yoga-specific products such as yoga mats, props, books, CDs and DVDs. There are also one-stop “supersites” that claim to provide all-inclusive content about nearly every possible aspect of yoga.

Some of the major schools and ashrams of yoga maintain their own web sites. They can be a significant resource of information about the principles of yoga. They may also provide information about their founder and the history of their school (or style) of yoga, and will describe their yoga retreats and yoga teacher training. Local yoga centers and yoga studios supply information about their class offerings, which typically include beginner and intermediate yoga, and may include special classes for youth, senior citizens, pregnancy, and yoga teacher training. Yoga studios also list their schedule of classes and special events.

In short, the internet provides an easy portal to acquire general or specific information about yoga, regardless of whether one is a neophyte, an advanced practitioner, or just a casual web surfer.

This remainder of this web page provides a sampling of yoga resources available on the internet.

Articles about Yoga


General Interest Sites and Supersites





  • Meditation Archive - provides a rich collection of meditations from a variety of cultures and traditions


Online Yoga, Streaming Yoga, Yoga Videos, Yoga MP3s, Yoga Podcasts

  • Streaming Yoga Classes - Gaia offers streaming yoga and meditation videos and documentaries to its subscribers. Gaia also offers its own mobile yoga app.
  • Yoga by MP3 - offers MP3s for your mobile device
  • Yoga Video Podcasts - produces video podcasts and has its own mobile yoga app
  • Yoga Online - Yoga International offers a library of videos and articles to help you "practice yoga online anytime, anywhere"


Yoga Supplies, Clothing, and Media

  • - mats, props, jewelry, media, incense, gifts


Hatha Yoga Schools and Retreat Centers


What is Hatha Yoga? | Online Videos