Yoga Videos on the Web

Amateur and professional videos are being uploaded to the internet at a rate of tens of thousands per day. It's no surprise that some of those videos are devoted to yoga and other fitness disciplines. Yoga instructors, models, entertainers, and others are using the world wide web to gain their 15 minutes of fame while introducing yoga to the masses.

This remainder of this web page shows a small sample of yoga videos from YouTube and other popular video sites.

1. Classic Hatha Yoga Postures

Triangle Pose


A good example of a classic yoga posture. This one is provided by


Instructions for Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward Facing dog pose)

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Downward Facing Dog


Roberta Dell’Anno of Essential Yoga Studio in Boston demonstrates a pose that is sometimes referred to as "Inverted V".


Bridge Pose


Amy Pancake from Yoga Yoga studio in Austin, Texas demonstrates a basic posture. This video can be viewed on YouTube or


Fish Pose


Video uploaded to YouTube by camerongoodhealth.


Yoga: Warrior Pose 1
Warrior Pose 1


Lori Sjollema shows us one of the Warrior poses. This video can be viewed on


Warrior Pose 2


Emily Morris shows and explains how she performs another popular Warrior pose.


Tree Pose


Demostrated by Rodney Yee. This video was uploaded to YouTube by



2. Brief Posture Sequences

Hatha Flow Warm-up (6:33)


Tamara Ronkin of Florida demonstrates a Hatha Yoga warmup routine.


Padma Classical Yoga Excerpt (4:37)


An excerpt from Padma's Ocean DVD includes the Cat/Cow Pose and Child Pose.


Postures To Strengthen Your Abdominals
Abdominal Strengthening Poses (7:24)


Lori Sjollema shows us how to strenghten the abdominal muscles. The sequence includes leg lifts and the Boat Pose. This video can be viewed on


Spring Series with Kate Potter (5:00)


Kate Potter performs a sequence of moderate to difficult postures.


3. Sun Salutation Sequences

Sun Salutation (3:48)


Dashama Gordon demonstrates a version of a classic sequence of yoga poses.


Sun Salutation (4:48)


Sophia Hartell shows and explains the Sun Salutation at a beachside setting.


Click to see the Sivananda Sun Salutation in a popup window Sivananda Sun Salutation (1:56)


Gina Kennedy demonstrates the Sivananda-style Sun Salutation through the aid of her students. This video can be viewed on



4. Sample Yoga Classes

Beginning Yoga Video Class (33:18)


Chaz has produced a beginning yoga video podcast for his viewers.


Click to see a free Hatha Yoga Video class in a new window Full Hatha Yoga class (35:59)


For those who pay the membership fee, MyYogaOnline offers a library of DVD-quality yoga classes that can viewed at any time.



5. Yoga Music Videos

Sun Salutation at the Beach (8:27)


Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor Shiva Rea is shown practicing a classic sequence of yoga postures.


Malisa Flowing at Castle Hill Yoga (8:29)


A yoga music video featuring Malisa Shames at Castle Hill Yoga in Austin Texas.




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Malisa's Yoga Music Video 2 (8:03)


Malisa Shames in a video set to the music of Lisa Gerrard.



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